Our household has come down with a case of parainfluenza 1, aka croup. One of Sylas’ preschool friends decided to share it with him, and he has shared it with all of us as per cold season protocol. I think that Sylas and Ivan are on the mend, though still coughing and sleeping more than normal. Fevers are finally gone with the boys. Amalia and I are now the sickly ones, running fevers all weekend. She has a stuffy nose which is making it hard for her to eat, so she has been eating every hour or so because she needs a break to catch her breath. I have lost my voice and my chest and throat is on fire when I cough, so I can imagine how the kids feel. Poor babies. Javier started getting it yesterday with the tickly cough. To make matters even better – that was sarcasm –  my co-worker broke her collar bone and is out for the week, leaving me alone. I worked the weekend and will not have a day off for seven days now. My boss worked it out with me to do 2 half days this week so that I can get home and rest some. My line of work in the Microbiology laboratory requires someone to be there daily, so leaving the work not done for a day is not an option. So I am planning to jam-pack all of my daily work into four short hours. Full steam ahead! Whoo whoo! 

I hope and pray that this sickness leaves our home quickly so that we can all get back to normal! If you’re reading this, just say a little prayer that everyone sleeps well this week.

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