Amalia’s 4 Month Update!

This month has brought a lot of changes for Miss Mali. She is steadily outgrowing the little baby stage and moving into the mobile, playing baby phase. At her doctor’s visit, she weighed 10lb 12.8oz. The doctor was a little concerned with her weight not doubling at the 4 month mark like babies are “supposed” to do. However, the pediatrician knows that she will likely be small like me and knows that Sylas was similar in the growth charts as she is, though I feel like she is even smaller than him. Ivan was closer to “normal” for a bit longer. I am not concerned with her weight because she is meeting all of her milestones wonderfully. She still wears 0-3 month clothes and size 2 diapers. She has mastered rolling over and is almost always on her belly when you lay her down to play. She can hold her head up well and do that baby “push-up” easily. She is so ready to sit up too. She won’t lay in my arms anymore unless its to nurse. She wants to be held upright to see the world around her. She also likes to stand up in my lap and “bounce” up and down with her knees. She has pretty good head control too. She loves to use her hands. She sucks on them a lot and jabbers behind her fists. She is also into grasping for things – usually blankets and my shirt, but she has reached for a couple of things on her playmat. She loves her feet too. She likes to look at them when I hold her in a sitting position. She kicks like crazy, especially in the bath. She gets really excited sometimes and she flails her arms and legs all over the place and gets this look on her face, pursing her lips which is really cute. She has started to have a nap routine that she follows pretty well daily – at least when she’s with me. She wakes at 6:30-7 and is up for about three hours. Then she takes a two-hour morning nap. She is up again for another three to four hours and she takes another nap. The afternoon nap is often a bit longer, 2.5-3 hours. Then she is up for bath time and dinner and some more play time. She will usually be up for around 3-4 hours and then go to bed around 8-9 depending on how well she napped and played that day. She is sleeping pretty well at night, occasionally having a bout of restlessness somewhere between 11-1. Her shots had her in all sorts of sleep interruptions. We didn’t sleep well for a good three days because of that. Her hair is still thinning, especially on the sides and her bald patch on the back, but I’m sure that once she masters sitting, it will start to grow back in. She still has a lot of hair on top though. She loves to flirt, flashing a smile at just about anyone who stops to say “hi.” She laughs a lot now and is ticklish on her feet and ribs. Her squeal is to die for. Guys, Amalia is absolutely the happiest little baby I’ve ever seen. She is just so full of joy. It really makes me excited to see her personality come out more and more as she gets older.

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