Contours Bliss vs Contours Options Stroller

Its been a while since I’ve done a review of any sort. We have a lot of new products that I want to share so I’ll start with this review of our new stroller. I’ve linked up the photos in this post to take you to the products to make it super easy for you  guys!

Since having Amalia, our third child, we needed a way to transport all three kids when we went on family outings or doctors visits or when just going out for a walk. When we went from one to two kids, we bought the Contours Options Lt Stroller, which I wrote a review on here. We love that stroller and its ease of use. It is a wonderful two-seat stroller that is pretty compact for as large as it is.

The only thing wrong was that we now had three kids and only two seats. I loved the contours stroller that we had and didn’t really want to get an even larger stroller, so I read up on what was available. I really liked the idea of a pram stroller but some of them are nearly 300 dollars, and they don’t convert into an upright seat, or they have an extra seat that is separate, thus adding to the clutter when its not in use. So I decided on the Contours Bliss stroller. It is a pram-style stroller that also converts to a child’s upright seat. It comes with all of the same features as our tandem stroller, such as the multiple seat positions feature.


The Bliss in its pram position is wonderful.  It comes with a sort of padded “mattress” to put in it for added comfort and it has a boot cover for those colder days. Amalia loves to sleep laying down in it and she is able to stretch out, unlike when we use the car seat. It’s a lot more comfortable for her. It also gives me a space to change her diaper if there’s no changing station nearby. You can face the pram toward you or away, but we usually just like to face her since she is so small.

In the upright position, the seat looks just like the options stroller seats. Sylas has used it and seems to like it. It faces both forward and back and has multiple reclining positions for when your tot decides to take a nap. It also has a huge canopy that is able to extend even further, providing lots of shade.

We also have a universal car seat adapter that allows you to easily transport your sleeping baby from the car to the stroller base without waking them. This is my favorite for those quick trips in and out of the store.

The storage compartment is generous and easily accessible with the seat in pram function as well as the upright position. I can fit a backpack-style diaper bag along with my purse, breast pump and any sippy cups or snacks for the boys. Sylas has even sat down there when his feet got tired and leaned on the backpack.

The most wonderful part about having BOTH of these strollers is that they are completely compatible! The seats from the options fit on the bliss base and the pram fits on the options base with a second seat. That’s a wonderful option to have when I’ve only got two of the three kiddos with me and I still need the pram. I wondered if they would fit each other when I purchased the Bliss, so I tested it out right away. It makes the purchase all the more worth it.

You can buy several different attachments and accessories for these strollers. As I mentioned above, we have the car seat adapter. Unfortunately it is sold separately, but if you have an infant, I totally recommend getting it.

You can also get a parent console for your keys, phone and drink. The cup holder that comes with the stroller is probably the only downfall about them. It doesn’t stay on well at all. It seems as though it can’t support the weight that a liquid puts on the clips and it falls off. I wouldn’t trust it to stay. But the parent console that you can purchase separately is a great option. There’s one that is made by contours, but there are also several universal ones that you can buy.


You can also get a shopping basket that attaches where one of the seats clips on. We don’t have one as of yet, but it would be a nice attachment to have, especially for the moms in the city that walk to and from the grocery store.

Overall, I love the strollers and use them both often. The variety of ways that I am able to use them is wonderful. They are pretty sturdy and seem to be holding up well. They both fold down pretty compact and aren’t too heavy for me to lift – and I’m a weakling haha. The steering is smooth and they are both fairly narrow which is great for crowded places. I would absolutely recommend either one of them.

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