Amalia’s Three Month Update

Amalia is THREE MONTHS OLD!! Man it goes so fast! She is cooing a lot now and loves to chew on her fists and kick her legs. She drools a lot when she sucks on her hands, but I don’t think she’s teething just yet. She loves to be held up over your shoulder so that she can look around behind you. Her head control is getting stronger. I think she will be rolling over VERY soon. She cranks her head WAYYY over to the side but just can’t quite get her little body to follow. She is in size 2 diapers and almost all of her clothes – save a few pants – are 3 month size. She is starting to get that chunky look, but not too much yet. Lately she feels heavier to me too. She has a small balding spot on the back of her head, and the sides are thinning, but everywhere else is growing longer and thicker. She flirts a lot with her smile. Its so easy to coax a grin out of her, which I love. I think she may have giggled a little at me one time. It was more just a huh-huh type laugh, but I think she thought the noise I was making was funny. Bath time is still a fun activity for her. She isn’t really playing with toys yet, but she does like to hang on to blankets and my shirt. I’ve tried giving her a rattle but I don’t think she’s quite ready to hold it yet – or maybe she just doesn’t want to because its not soft. She is still a super sleeper at night, waking maybe 2-3 times to feed, but she sleep-nurses so its really easy to go back to bed for me. She sleeps pretty well during the day when she is at home, but anywhere else and its sometimes hard to get a nap from her. She doesn’t take a really good nap unless she is swaddled or swinging though. Its pretty much just cat napping otherwise. She is getting a little bit easier to entertain. She will lay on a blanket on the floor for longer periods of time than before and is starting to be more content just sitting on your lap and talking versus pacing the floor every few minutes. She has been an absolute treasure and I can’t wait to see what the coming months bring.

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