Its Fine

There is a disaster in our bedroom. The boys have destroyed the pile of clean clothes at the foot of the bed and there’s toys all over. Javier and I give up for today and decided to share some ice cream on the couch and let the house fall down around our ears. 

*Cue loud noise. 

Javier: what was that?

Me: I don’t know but it’s probably bad. 

*children babbling at each other*

Me: they’re fine

*we continue to watch Tv and eat our ice cream*

It’s been a long afternoon guys. I say that lovingly and exhausted at the same time. Shenanigans is the only way to describe the boys’ antics today. I don’t want to ruin the evening and turn into a momster so I just gave up trying to make them behave themselves. They’re having fun – and getting along for once – so it’s all worth it. Especially if I get to finish my ice cream! 

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