Big First Day

Sylas had his first day of preschool on August 17th. I may have cried after dropping him off. I can’t believe my baby is old enough to go to school! He wanted me to stay with him. I reassured him that he would be having lots of fun while I was away. He got slightly teary as I sat him on the bench next to the rest of the kids. I walked behind them while they single-filed up the stairs. By the time he was in the stairwell and couldn’t see me, I backed off. When I got him at the end of the day , his teacher said that he asked where I was but once they got distracted doing things, he was fine. The second day, he ran to me to give me a hug once he realized that I was going to be leaving. He started to get a sad look on his face again but I told him that I would be right back to pick him up. Broke my heart to see him sad like that. Day three was fine. No sadness and he only gave me a half-hug when I asked him if I could have one. Then he ran off to class. Day four, the whole crew brought Sylas to school. I wanted to make sure daddy knew the ropes before I headed back to work. It was a little hectic, but Sylas did fine. Today was Dad’s first day flying solo.

I think Sylas has made a little friend. Every time I go to pick him up, he is playing with the same little girl. Lets call her “Ellie” for the sake of blogging. When I ask him what he learned at school and what kinds of activities he did, Ellie is almost always a part of his conversation. I think its so cute. I think that so far, his teachers think he is a “well-mannered, sweet boy” so that’s good to hear. I hope that the school year continues to go well for him.

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