Amalia’s 2 month update

Amalia is two months old! She weighs 9lb3.2oz now and is transitioning into 0-3 month clothes. She had her shots today, poor girl, and has been sleeping a lot. Nursing is going great and she had her first baby sitting experience with her papa last week while we went to the state fair. She gave mama her first smile on July 24th and she has been smiling so much ever since. She loves it when you talk to her and she’s even started to coo back. She can roll up on her sides and wiggles enough that she can go in circles on the floor. Her neck is pretty strong and she loves to be held upright so she can look at everything. Her favorite views are ceiling fans and black and white photos. She doesn’t care for the heat at all and would rather be indoors where there’s A/C. Even then, she doesn’t want to wear pants. She will wear Jammie’s to bed though. She loves bath time and has started to kick her legs in the water. She’s found her hands and rubs her eyes when she’s sleepy which is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. She’s generally pretty happy. She sleeps a lot during the day but if she hasn’t had a nice nap or two, she gets really grumpy and it’s even harder to get her to sleep. But when she finally drifts off, she is knocked out and has slept a five hour stretch before after having been up a lot in the day. The only thing she doesn’t really do well is travel. She HATES the car seat. It’s a complete 180 from the first week or two. She made a few long car trips and slept fine. Now, she bawls when you buckle her in. She will only sleep if you get up to Highway speed and immediately wakes up and cries if you slow down or stop. We even bought a convertible car seat thinking it was the infant carrier but it didn’t change anything. 

She’s been a treasure and I’m so excited to continue watching her grow. I can’t believe that she’s two months old already!! Only just over a week before I head back to work. 

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