Amalia’s one month update

Amalia is officially one month old! She weighed 7lb 9.6oz at her appointment. She is still mostly in newborn clothes but there are a couple things that fit her in 3 month size. She has really started to fill out a lot. She is a champion sleeper at night, and most days she does really well also. She nurses really well mostly 3 hours apart, but sometimes two and even four. She does spit up a lot but it doesn’t seem to make her fussy. Her doctor told me to wait and see how it does. I have been giving gas drops and gripe water when she has a belly ache or hiccups and it helps her a lot. She had been hating the pacifier but is starting to come to terms with the fact that I cannot do that for her. She wants to suck but doesn’t want to nurse and it frustrates her even more. Her hair seems to be getting longer in some places but sometimes I think it is starting to thin and other times not. I blow dried it the other day and it stood up on end. She looked like a little chia pet! She is very alert when she is awake now and loves to make eye contact. She also really enjoys black and white striped things. Her car seat cover is black and white stripes and I am so glad I got that one instead of a floral one. I was really wanting to get floral but I think the stripes help calm her in the car a bit. Speaking of the car, she hates her car seat (we have the cybex aton q). She gets her little hands stuck under the chest clip and it makes her so mad. I think the clip is a bit large for small babies, but I also think that she just doesn’t like it when she can’t have her hands near her face. Bath time is getting better for her and she doesn’t cry while in the water. She doesn’t like the air hitting her when she has to get out nor does she like getting lotion put on and getting dressed. Dirty diapers are another dislike. Sometimes I try to keep her pacified while she is going because she starts fussing right after she gets dirty even though she usually goes again within a couple minutes.

Amalia has truly been the perfect addition to our family. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our little girl.

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