Three week update

Amalia is three weeks old! She’s still doing great! She is starting to outgrow some of her newborn clothes. It depends on the brand, but I’ve noticed that her footless sleepers are getting short and my all time favorite tank top onsie is getting snug – insert cry face emoji here. Her hair is still oily most days. It hasn’t really thinned out too much. Her mutton chops, as I so lovingly call them, are about all that has thinned out. She still has fine hair on her shoulders even. I would be so excited if she didn’t go bald like the boys did, but she will be beautiful no matter what. She is sleeping really well and going about three hours between feeds. Sometimes she will go almost four hours. She has kind of gotten her wake times bunched into two good chunks of time. Usually in the morning when we get up for around three hours and again in the late afternoon/early evening for about the same amount of time. She might have a cat nap during those times but for the most part she’s up. She basically sleeps and nurses the rest of the day. She likes to be entertained while she’s awake and likes changes of scenery while she’s staring into space but she is mostly happy. Sometimes she gets a tummy bubble and will have a bit of a fit. Gas drops usually clear it right up for her and she is back to her happy self. She still doesn’t care for baths too much. She doesn’t bawl through the whole process anymore but once she’s had enough, she will let you know. Dressing afterward isn’t pleasant for her either. 

I’ve gotten all the kids started on a routine in hopes to try and get things a little less hectic at bedtime. Amalia didn’t really contribute to the crazy too much but I think being home has made the boys fall off the bandwagon for bedtime at a decent hour. So we do dinner around 5 while sis naps and then at 6-6:30 we all head upstairs for bath time and then it’s quiet time until around 8:30. It takes a lot of time but we are getting it. 

Nursing is going great. I’m still producing exactly what she needs from me so I haven’t had to pump at all. She does spit up often so I’m going to bring that up at her one month appointment. It doesn’t seem to bother her or make her fussy but she does it after almost every feeding unless she falls asleep. 

I am doing well. I’m still hovering with my weight and I feel pretty flabby still. Lochia is dwindling but still enough that I need a liner. I’ll go into a little more detail with my postpartum experience in its own post soon but as far as the immediate health concerns being postpartum, I’m doing great. 

Amalia has been a wonderful baby. She is so laid back. It still sometimes feels unreal that we have a baby girl. She is seriously a dream come true for us. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect daughter. 

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