Babies Dont Keep

After a bit of a battle, I finally got the boys to sleep at a decent hour tonight. Amalia was peacefully asleep in her bassinet while I had been dealing with the bedtime crisis. I scooped her up and cuddled her with me in the recliner to watch some TV that didn’t involve cartoon characters or insects – Sylas’ new obsession.

Can you spoil a baby? People always tell you to let them get used to sleeping alone and not to rock them too much. I don’t think you can, but if it’s so, I can’t say that I care too terribly much. This time in our life is so fleeting. It’s busy and exhausting, both physically and mentally. It drains every ounce out of you. But its golden. If only you could bottle the feelings you get when you cradle your newborn baby. Oh to be able to hold on to the sweet smell of their hair – or lack thereof – and feel the oddly heavy weight of their tiny little bodies as they sleep in the crook of your arm. It’s funny isn’t it, how well they fit there? It’s like they were made to lay right along your arm.

Even if you can spoil a baby, so what? Spoil them rotten! Don’t be afraid of disturbing their slumber just so you can get a whiff of their glorious smell once more. Hold them in your arms. Rock them to sleep.  They will always know love.

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