Two week update

Amalia is now two weeks old! She is starting to fill out more and has moved into newborn size onsies and sleepers – she was already in NB pants. Her cord stump fell off on 6/16 and she had her first run bath that evening. I was changing her in the morning and noticed it had fallen off inside of her sleeper. She still has a bloody scab in it. She is starting to have longer wake times in the day, usually one in the morning and a couple in the afternoon/evening. She’s also been going longer – about 3 hours – between almost all of her feeds. Once in a while she will have a two hour feed. 

Nursing is going wonderfully. All of the soreness is gone and I’m not engorged at all. My body has gotten in sync with her needs and I make just the right amount of milk for her. I haven’t pumped since doing it the second time. Her latch sometimes has a clicking noise but it’s usually when I have let down and I think it’s a bit much for her. I’m pretty sure I’ve always had a stronger letdown though, even with the boys. She doesn’t like to take any of the various pacifiers that I have but sometimes after she has nursed and wants to sleep, she wants to comfort suck to fall asleep. She fights at the breast because she gets milk but she wants that comfort that nursing brings. 

I am doing great. I still have some spotting, mostly when nursing. My muscles are still very weak in my core though my legs are better. My flabbiness in my legs has gone down a lot but my belly is still pretty squishy. I’ve used kinesiology tape a couple times and it feels good to have it on, but doesn’t make my back and core feel better, if that makes sense. It doesn’t help the discomfort that is already present but it feels good. I think that once I hit four weeks  postpartum I will start doing some exercises to help my core that are safe for disstisis recti. I’d also ideally like to start running – er, working up to running – to help lose some baby weight. I would say that I definitely gained the most with her and I notice it. Everyone I know tells me I look great, but I can feel the extra weight in the way my clothes fit. I can get my pre pants buttoned but they’re tight and I don’t like my fitted tops for obvious reasons. I also look like I have a seven month food baby after I eat a piece of toast. All in due time I suppose. 

All in all we are both great and I am so excited to be raising this sweet little girl. She sure is a treasure. 

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