One week update

Amalia is one week old guys! I can’t believe it’s already been a week. Why does time have to go so fast? Amalia is doing great. She had her checkup today and is back at birth weight which is great. She has been having a touch of reflux. I don’t even know if I’d call it that honestly and I think it’s in the realm of normal for a newborn. She just spits up sometimes after she eats and it’s usually when you pick her up or move her and squish her tummy. So far, she has been a really good baby. I’m almost afraid to even blog that for fear I’ll jinx it. She has been sleeping two three hour stretches at night and has a couple bouts of wide awake time in the afternoon. She is still in preemie  onesies and newborn pants. Her preemie jumper jammies are getting smaller so I imagine I’ll have to move her up to newborn sleepers this coming week. I have three or four preemie diapers left and I think I’ll move her to newborn size when those are gone. Her hair is oily like Ivan’s was. It still looks oily after I wash it even. I’m not washing it every day but after a couple, it starts to look really greasy. She still has her cord stump and it isn’t showing signs of coming off just yet. Once it does, I’ll give her her first real bath. 

Nursing is going well. She nurses every two hours with the exception of her three hour stretches at night. She has had a few cluster feeds every once in a while. I did have some soreness in the hospital on day two that peaked at about 5 days. It is getting better but I’m still having some tenderness. The left side has a chapped spot that is painful but it is getting better and better. The right side is only tender when she first latches but goes away once she gets going. My milk started coming in the day we left the hospital but was definitely in by the next day (day 3). I got engorged and tried not to pump to avoid oversupply this time. I’ve pumped twice. The first was I think at three days and I only pumped a couple ounces. The next time I pumped was day 5 and I pumped about 4 ounces. I’ve frozen all of that and now I think we are starting to catch up to each other and my body is producing what she needs. I still have some fullness but not near as much as the first couple days. My breasts are really tender and touching them, or the boys getting rambunctious and bumping me is sensitive. 

As far as myself, I’m feeling pretty good. Bleeding is down to a minimum but I’ll still have times when I have more. Swelling was almost no existent from the get go. I was really surprised and pleased about that. TMI, but if you’ve ever had a baby you’ll know what I mean, my first pee didn’t even burn. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve got hemorrhoids that aren’t too uncomfortable but they are slowly going away. I had a lot of fluid retention and at about 5 days, I had the same issue as I did with Ivan with fluid buildup around my lungs. I could tell. I had the same shortness of breath and my home blood pressure monitor measured 130s/high 80s. I took a few doses of diurex and it was much better by the next day. It’s all gone today. I do have some swelling in my hands still as I can’t wear my rings yet. My belly is still pretty mushy but it has gone down a lot (picture below). My muscles are another story. My abs are shot and I have no strength there. Blowing my nose is even somewhat difficult. Who knew? Haha. My back is achy and I think it’s a combination of lack of core muscle strength and the fact that my back was so curved and it’s going back to normal. I feel like I slouch a lot, even when I’m walking. My inner thigh muscles feel really weak as well and I get stiff if I sit for too long and especially in the morning when I get out of bed. I’ve never had that before. Speaking of my thighs, remember my post “hips butt and thighs”? I gained a bulk of my pregnancy weight there and it is suddenly gone. It’s also left me just as soft and mushy there as my belly is. It feels weird and I hope that tightens up more than my belly will – I mean, my belly won’t ever be completely toned again but I hope my thighs do. I weighed in at 141 the day she was born and today I weighed myself at home and was 123.6. I’m pretty pleased with that for only being one week out. 

I think I’ve covered everything for our one week update. 

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