Stepping up to the plate

I just want to take a minute to brag about Javier. He’s a typical man – you know, the one that you have to nag to get his clothes off the bedroom floor or clean his shavings from the bathroom sink? But he as really stepped up the past couple weeks as the end of pregnancy draws near for me. I have been pretty uncomfortable, and extremely tired and I think that it shows. Javier has really worked hard at helping me out around the house, especially now that I am either unable or just plain too tired to do so. I even made the comment to him the other day that “I thought I was the one who is supposed to be nesting.” That gave him a nice chuckle, but in all seriousness, he has been super helpful to me. He cleaned the kitchen and downstairs bathroom from top to bottom the other day and has been tidying everywhere else when he has the chance. He put away my laundry that I had left in a pile last week and had been bathing the boys for me in the mornings so that I don’t have to do it before bedtime when I am the most tired from being on my feet all day. Bonus? He’s been doing all of this without my asking. I think he sees how different this pregnancy is affecting me. With the boys’ pregnancies, I wasn’t this tired or this uncomfortable and I think he sees that it has been rough on me. I also think that he is more excited than he shows about having his first daughter. He mentioned the other day that she could possibly be born on Mexico’s Father’s day – June 15th. I thought that was so sweet. I know that none of us have a lot of patience for this little girl’s arrival.

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