Bump day week 32

One more week in the books guys! Baby girl is about 3 3/4 pounds and 16-18 inches long this week. I am definitely feeling her weight this week. I’ve been having a lot of round ligament pain on my lower right side. Braxton hicks (BH) are not fun either. They never really bothered me too much with the boys but they just down right hurt sometimes with her, especially very deep in my pelvis. Night time discomfort is a thing now – boo! – and insomnia is still hanging around along with Charlie horses in my legs. I tire easily and haven’t had much energy the past few days. Walking a lot is uncomfortable, I think because it increases my BH. I am still craving sonic ice. I wonder if they have a subscription thing where they just bring me a cup of ice every day? That would be the greatest thing ever. I literally go there almost every day. Chocolate is still at the top of my menu also, but no real food cravings. In fact, I usually find it hard to figure out what really sounds good. Its almost like an aversion, but not.

We had out elective 3D ultrasound yesterday and it was so fun. I’ll attach a photo later today. She is 100 percent undeniably a girl. I think she favors Ivan in the lips and chin area (everyone else thought so too) and she has Sylas’ shaped head and maybe his cheeks. She has a dainty nose, so I don’t know who she got that from. Ivan’s is probably the smaller nose of the boys. She was so sweet, yawning and smacking her little lips at us. She loves to have her hands up around her face, and at one point she snuck a foot up there too. She has a lot of LONG hair. The technician measured it for us and its just shy of an inch long. She’s still got at least five to eight more weeks of cooking, so its quite possible she could wear a little Flintstones-style Pebbles ponytail on top of her head as a newborn.

I say it every week, but I can’t wait to meet our baby girl!!


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