Bump day week 31

Just one week left of April!! I’ve been sort-of dreading May because I don’t know how patient I can be for the last full month of my pregnancy. This post is a day late this week. I had my appointment today and everything looks great! My doctor asked me how I would like to do things as far as delivery goes. He is perfectly fine with baby picking her own birthday which makes me so happy. I suppose because he thought I had gestational diabetes last time that he would push induction? I don’t know, but the stress of those thoughts being gone for this pregnancy will help me be a bit more patient I think. He said her back is on my left, which I had kind of been thinking. He told me that during labor, if she is still in that spot, he may recommend positioning techniques to help her get where she needs to go. I did that last time as well so I think that sounds like a good plan to me. Its so funny that her back is on my left where the boys were to my right side. She must have her legs crossed because I can still feel one of her little feet right behind my belly button. I love tracing the outline of her foot with my fingers. I did that with the boys too. Now on to symptoms. This week has been pretty sleepless again. I’m hoping it doesn’t last for the rest of the pregnancy. Cravings are the same, especially sonic ice. I’ve been getting hot flashes this week too, which is something I’ve never experienced in pregnancy before – all these female hormones between the both of us, I suppose. Charlie horses at night are killer some nights. I think that I must stretch in my sleep because it only happens if I stretch my legs. People are asking about her name. To strangers, I just give them the “we’ve got a list” remark and that usually suffices. To people in my personal life though, its another story. Everyone knows that we have had a girl name picked out for a very long time and they are shooting names at me left and right. They’ll never guess it, but even if they did, I’d still say “nope, that’s not it” and let them keep guessing. My mom I think fell in love with the name Finley. She kept hounding at me about how cute it sounds. It is cute, but its not my daughter’s name, and I’m not changing it now. The name that we picked has significant meaning to us and that’s that. It took mom forever to drop it haha. She is definitely growing and maxing out her space. I get remarks from just about everyone, especially strangers, asking when I’m due, “you’re about to pop” “not too much longer” and they are getting annoying. I’m not due any day now and though I am excited to meet her, I want her to be safe. Ugh. And the look of horror that sweeps across their faces when I tell them I’m not due until June 27th. They did the same thing with my other pregnancies but it just bothers me now. Maybe it did then, too, I don’t remember. I think part of it is because I am ready for her to be here already. Do you hear that, baby girl??



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