Bump day week 30

The final countdown begins!!! Its week 30! This week baby girl is the size of a cucumber. so far, everything seems to be ok on her end of things, moving a lot – especially this morning – and sometimes I can even feel her little tush on my left side which hopefully means that she is turning around! She likes to hear our voices – or not I suppose, she moves when she hears us though. I think she is going to be a foodie because she dances like crazy when I eat. Her personality may finally be starting to show! This week has been about the same old same old for me as far as symptoms go. Still having some sleepless nights. Sunday, I tried going to bed a little later because I felt that when I do that, I am more worn out and sleep better. So not the case that night. I tossed all night. Last night I went to bed late unintentionally and I slept pretty well, only waking my usual twice in the night. I don’t know what it is. I’m not uncomfortable when I wake up, nor do my legs feel restless. I just feel like I need to roll over I guess. Cravings are about the same – sonic ice and chocolate. Still thirsty and drink a ton of water which I don’t mind, its good for me. Still tiring quickly but I have more energy this week that I’ve had in a bit. I’ve been sporadically taking vitamin D because my eczema has been bad lately. I think that combined with the gorgeous weather we have had and having been able to spend evenings outdoors has helped that. I had my blood drawn yesterday because we have a new trainee at work and decided to test my thyroid and folate. All is well in that department so we will have to see if that keeps up postpartum. Two more weeks until our 3D ultrasound and somewhere between 7-10 weeks before she will make her grand appearance!!!


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