Bump day week 29

Week twenty-nine has been a real kicker, just like last week. Most all of last weeks symptoms are still here. I have also added to that list insomnia. I know that I’ve talked about pregnancy insomnia almost weekly, but this is different. I used to wake up twice a night like clockwork and eventually fall back asleep. This week, however, I have been tossing and turning all night and can’t seem to get to a deep sleep. I swear I haven’t dreamt this whole week because I can’t get to that point of sleep before I wake up. I find myself wanting to lay on my back a lot also, which I don’t understand because having baby practically lay on top of your organs shouldn’t be comfy. I just want to sleeeeeeep! I oddly don’t wake up exhausted like I feel I should from the lack of sleep, which I suppose is good. If mother nature feels that I need the practice of staying up all night with a newborn, can someone please tell her I got the memo? In other news, as I said, symptoms are the same – backache, thirst, joint pain, etc. I am craving sonic ice. I get a cup of their ice almost every day and chew on it in the evenings. I don’t know if its my body trying to keep me hydrated or that I just like the crunch or what. That’s really mt only craving. Baby girl is moving a lot. I’m not sure what body part she has poking at my left side, but she shoves it over there all day and it almost feels bruised, especially when she tries to re-position and pokes it out there even further. Sometimes I think its her hip/butt and other times maybe her thigh? I can’t tell because her feet are still right out in front, occasionally slightly to the right. I can also feel her shoulders and/or upper arms when she pushes herself down on my pelvis. Her hands are always super busy when she is awake; makes me wonder if she’ll be a thumb sucker. Just shy of three weeks from now and we will get to have our 3D ultrasound and see what she looks like! I can’t wait!



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