Newborn photo shoot

I know that we have a while before baby sister will get here, but I seriously misjudged my time when Ivan was born and found myself trying desperately to get something together for our family portrait. I hated what I wore last time because it washed me out and made me look ill, even though I felt great. So I want to be prepared this time. The only thing I did right last time was booking the photographer months in advance. We are on her June session list already so I won’t have to worry about that. Outfit planning is a whole other story. It’s hard to drag the family out to grab some clothes for pictures when you have a brand new baby. When Ivan was born, we had a tentative date scheduled later that month, but he came early and she just so happened to have an opening when he was four days old, which I loved because he was still in that sleepy stage. You can never really know when it comes to babies. So I want to have out outfits planned so that all I have to do is dress the kids and show up for the appointment. Trying to pick a color scheme is tough too. Pinterest is great help though. Another tough thing is dealing with your postpartum body. Trying to find clothes that are cute and cover your pudge. I didn’t hit either of those nails on the head las time. I knew what I wanted Ivan to wear, and dressed everyone around him. This time, everyone is going to cater to my clothes – selfish much haha. After lots of careful consideration, I think I have a color scheme and simple outfits picked out. I want something slightly girly to represent baby girl, while still being family friendly, after all, we are outnumbered by the guys. So I went with a dusty rose color with olive/moss green and dark beige. I plan on using a coordinating photography wrap for baby girl’s “outfit” so that we won’t have to worry about preemie vs newborn sizing and things being too big or small. The guys will wear simple polo shirts in coordinating colors. I have a muse tunic from Agnes and Dora that will hide my postpartum belly well with its flowyness and I’ll add a rose cardigan on top. I’m thinking denim on bottom for everyone to break up some of the earthy tones. We will have to shop for the guys polo tees, but they are relatively easy to find. I already have the photography wrap and my outfit. I’ll do a try on before the appointment to be sure I like everything. 

Can you tell that I can’t wait for her to get here?!

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