Bump day week 27

Its week 27 people! Only ten more weeks until “full term” and the point at which she could arrive at any time! I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as this week is the last week of March, with only two full months left. Baby girl is doing great. She has regular sleep and wake times. She can really pack a punch with both her hands and her feet. Still facing mostly completely forward save for an occasional morning when she is cocked to one side. It doesn’t last long before she moves though. She did face my back one day this week for a moment and I could cup her butt in my hand. I can trace out her feet now too, which is seriously an obsession of mine. I love to touch my babies’ feet in the womb; its seriously fascinating. Her head being where it is causes me a lot of sciatic nerve pain. Some days it is absolutely debilitating and others its manageable with a slight limp. I have noticed that it is worse the more active I am (which is contradictory to the at-home remedies; being active is supposed to help). Heartburn is ever-present – hopefully meaning lots of hair – and tums are my BFF. Cravings are dwindling this week some. Chocolate pretty much always sounds good, but I haven’t had any real food cravings this week. Her things are all ready for her to arrive. I need to pack her diaper bag and that is it, but I’ll probably wait until after 30 weeks to do that. We officially bought a new family car that will fit all of us (more on that in a separate post). Time has flown by when I look back on it, but it feels like the end is never going to come looking forward!



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