This whole past weekend I was busy cleaning the house and decided that I wanted to spend some time in every room on a dedicated day and get the house in tip top shape. I was so full of energy this weekend! I started with our bedroom Saturday and, I must say, it looks great – dusted and all. Sunday I spent time in the boy’s bedroom. That was much more daunting, but it is in great shape now also. I re-organized their toys and tried to give them more floor space to play. I sorted their clothes too, which has been a long time coming. I realized yesterday that I probably should have done Ivan’s side of the closet too because he wore a shirt the next size up to the park and it fit him perfectly. That will probably be a weekend project coming up. Baby Girl’s room is pretty much always clean, so I vacuumed while I was upstairs and that was it. I also deep cleaned the upstairs bathroom. I ordered some drawer organizers from amazon to try and decided that I love them in baby sister’s room so much that I ordered more for everyone’s dressers. They come today and I’ll probably get started on organizing everyone’s clothes soon. I am also going to borrow my mom’s carpet cleaner today when I pick up the boys from their house. Javier doesn’t know it yet, but I have a little project planned for next Monday while we are home together – mission living room carpet. The juice stains and stickiness is driving me crazy (its not as disgusting as it sounds, but I notice every little detail). I also mentioned purging in the attic at some point and Javier scowled at me. He hates when I ask him to help me with that. I get it, there’s a lot of stuff in there and its not organized. Its like the junk drawer of the house. But that’s precisely why I want to go through it. We will see if he will cave. I may save it for a rainy weekend this summer after baby sister gets here – haha yeah right. Three kids, one of which is a newborn, and trying to clean the attic? Can you spell nightmare? It must be the nesting talking.



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