Bump day week 26

Today marks week 26! Just one step closer to baby day! Baby girl is doing great as far as I can tell. She is moving a lot, still mostly facing forward, feet at my belly button and little hands super busy down low. Once in a while she turns and kicks off to one side. Last night she was moving her whole body a lot which was fun – a little uncomfortable for me, but fun. I decided to take the plunge and wash some baby clothes. I watched her ultrasound video over and over and asked other’s opinions and finally decided that I wasn’t going to get over this nesting unless I could wash her clothes – so silly, I know. I am still having lots of the same old same old symptoms – heartburn, insomnia, shortness of breath with exertion. I have been craving carbs (#eatallthecarbs) lately and it is really frustrating. Especially after last week’s appointment and seeing the number on the scale. I have been trying to watch myself a bit more but man, a doughnut sounds so good right now. We even ordered a pizza last night for dinner! I think I need an intervention – haha! I suppose she is worth it though so I’ll sacrifice a diet day or two to make her happy. I just keep counting down the days before she gets here. I can’t wait to meet her!




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