Bump day week 25

Sorry I’m a couple days late this week! I had my Dr appointment yesterday and baby girl is going great. She is head down and facing forward (which isn’t ideal). I asked him when to start trying to get her to turn around and he said the sooner the better but there are babies that wait until d-day to move. So I’ve got a couple exercises to try and get her to turn around. I gotta say though, I’m gonna miss her little feet kicking my belly button – swoon. I am up to 134.2lb which kinda surprised me. That’s up from 129 something at my checkup four weeks ago. Five pounds (cry face emoji)!! Oh well, she’s worth it. I feel pretty good this week. I did have a bad day last Friday with crippling sciatic pain. It was the worst I’ve ever had it. I got stuck in the chair and on the floor changing diapers and just standing would give me a pinch and all of a sudden I couldn’t move. It all makes sense now though, since learning that the hard part of her noggin is rubbing my tailbone – she must be a hard head like her momma hehe. Heartburn is alive and well as well as insomnia.

So far, I think we are done shopping for her up to 6 months. I mean, if I find a great clearance deal or just something too adorable to pass up I’ll grab it. She has the necessities though. I do want diapers, but I’m still debating what kind to get. I have two go-to brands that I love – Target up and up and The Honest Co – but newborn diapers might be best to get Pampers. I feel like they are slightly smaller that other brands and fit those teeny cheeks better.

My co-worker’s sister had a baby girl a couple days ago and she has been sharing pictures with us. My goodness does it make my heart ache for my own little girl to be in my arms. I get all giddy just thinking about it! My nesting is crazy right now but I’ve run out of things to do. I reeeaaallly want to  take the tags off of her clothes and wash them and put them away but I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. I just can’t fully believe that we are having a girl! But I don’t know how much longer I can wait. Her room is ready except for her clothes that need washed. I even got some of the neutral things like white onsies and socks out of the boys’ newborn clothes tote and washed them for her drawers. I might just do a few of the pretty floral things just because I’m beside myself in this waiting!

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