Bump day week 24

Baby girl is twenty-four weeks today!! She is about 1 1/3 pounds and almost a foot long. According to the internet, my uterus is the size of a soccer ball!? Wow. I totally feel it though. This week, symptom-wise, I have been feeling about the same. BH contractions are still a daily occurrence and heartburn is still on the rise. Cravings are pretty much sweet things and sausage egg breakfast burritos (don’t ask me why, but they are my fav right now). I can’t remember if I have mentioned it before, but my belly button is an outie; it has been for about a month now.  I can tell my back is starting to do its curve thing because I am getting some discomfort by the end of the day. It is getting hard to tell which way baby girl is twisted up in there. Sometimes I think she is transverse because I have movement on both sides of my belly. What are you up to in there girlie?! She likes to wake at night when I am going to bed which I fear could be a problem when she is Earth-side, especially with Ivan being a light sleeper. I have visions of being up all night with the both of them – hashtag welcome to motherhood. We had our mini baby moon this weekend and it was nice. We had a good time as a family and got to shop for sister too. They boys didn’t go without of course, and got to visit Toys R Us. I still have a couple things to get for her clothing-wise and I think we will have enough to get  her through. Of course, family I’m sure will also be shopping for her so we will have plenty. You really don’t need a ton of stuff for a new baby. Diapers is the one thing that you need lots of, but I always use caution when stocking up because babies are all different in what they are sensitive to.

Sometimes I look at the calendar and think, wow, she will be here soon. And other days I feel like June is just never going to get here!

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