Bump day week 23

Today marks week 23! Its the last week before we hit our milestone 24 weeks! This week baby girl is the size of a mango, or a grapefruit, whichever baby app you look at. She seems to be doing great. She is pretty active and its getting hard to tell which direction she is facing. Sometimes I can’t tell between her kicks and punches (tuff girl, right?). This morning I think she is breech. I plan to ask my doctor about her position at my next appointment just to see where we are at. I have noticed a pattern to her wake and sleep times which is cool. She wakes in the morning when I get up and moving and again around 11. Evening wake times are sporadic and depend on my activity, but she usually wakes up as I lay down for bed. I love that she is already showing her personality little by little in these small things that she does. Good news for me, I passed my glucose tolerance test last week, which is a relief because I hate the three hour test and the stress tests that come with GD. I had a little nausea spell for a couple of days and I still don’t know if I caught a bug or if it was pregnancy related. I shared food and kisses with my kids and neither boy got sick so that makes me think its pregnancy related, but it wasn’t pleasant. I just didn’t feel well all weekend and felt genuinely ill like I had a virus. Symptoms for me this week are pretty boring. I started using Kinesio tape and that has seemed to help with my belly strain which is great. I’m currently on my second round of it. I haven’t had any really good cravings this week except chocolate a few days ago. I chug water like there’s no tomorrow. While I’m at work, I go through more than 48 ounces and I still drink at least two to three glasses at home in the evening. Its good for me, I suppose but man I have to pee. Her feet at my bladder doesn’t help that any. This weekend we are having our shopping spree/family get-away and I am so excited. I can’t wait. Having one last family outing before sister gets here will be nice, and I get to finally grab some things for her closet. I have gotten a few things for her already, but we don’t quite have enough to last her through six months yet. I have bought mostly newborn and some 3 month so far, with a couple items in preemie just in case. I hope to do a baby haul once we are back from that. I also need to schedule our 3D ultrasound soon for 30+ weeks. Once we have that, and confirmation that she is a she, I’ll start my nesting and washing her clothes and things. Eek! Can’t wait!



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