Bump day week 22

Day late this week, but yesterday was a busy day at home. I’m 22 weeks this week, the last week of month 4 and only two more weeks until we reach the safe zone of viability. Getting to that point is a huge sigh of relief because doctors can save your baby if they are born after 24 weeks. She is almost a pound and about 11 inches long according to babycenter. This week in symptoms, I have started feeling more uncomfortable, which is a bummer seeing as I still have a ways to go. Its usually in the evenings when I’m wrestling kids and rocking my toddler to sleep. He feels the need to jab his elbows and knees into my belly which not only hurts, but causes BH contractions. Not to mention sister doesn’t like having her space invaded and punches back. Laying down in bed for the night after a marathon of wrestling my kids is really uncomfortable. Its almost like baby girl hides in there to get away from all the shoving and it doesn’t feel good for me to lay down with where she is at. I’m pretty breathless lately too. Stairs kill me and the long trek to the car after work isn’t swell. After meals I also feel that way. Bending is getting difficult as is sitting curled up in the chair like I usually do. Baby girl is mostly breech but once again, I think she is head down this morning as her kicks are up high in my belly. I love when she is head down because I can actually feel her from the outside without laying down.

I had another shopping spree this past Monday. We went to Herberger’s and I bought several onsie sets and a few sleepers in various sizes. I think that once we have our baby moon in a couple weeks and go shopping then, she should have plenty of clothes for her first 6 months or so. By then it will probably be Christmas time and we can get her some more clothes as gifts. It is sinking in that she is a girl, but sometimes I am a little leery of the verdict. We will be scheduling a 3D ultrasound closer to 30 weeks and I will definitely be asking for confirmation before I take the tags off of any of her things. I am so excited to finally meet her and I am still feeling so anxious for her arrival. She is so loved already.

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