Bump day week 21

Happy Valentines day everyone! Today marks pregnancy week 21, only 133 more days until D-Day. This week baby girl has still been preferring breech positioning and her kicks are usually down low, though I think I am starting to feel her hands moving. I wonder if her placenta is in front like Ivan’s was because I don’t feel a whole lot up closer to my belly button. She had a couple of lazy days this week where her movements weren’t as strong, and I wondered if she hadn’t gone head down for a bit. This morning though, she is very much breech and back to her usual kicking my bladder routine. I am almost sure that I’ve also felt her rolling from front to back as I get a tight feeling in one spot, but its not a braxton hicks (which I’ve also been having). Its still soft on one side but the other is hard and I can feel pressure there. I can’t wait to be able to tell what body parts are where, that is always so much fun, being able to palpate their feet and little butt is so cool, not to mention seeing their arms and legs protruding when they move. As far as I’m concerned, this week has been pretty usual. I am seeing the aversions waning, but occasionally I will not be in the mood for something. I get winded sometimes, especially if I have eaten recently and do some walking up the stairs or something. I have noticed that later in the day, usually when I walk to my car after work, that below my sternum, my ab muscles feel like the are aching. Almost like round ligament type pains but in a different place. And after that trek to the car, as I sit in the seat, I feel like all of my organs are in my chest. I’ve never felt that before and I don’t know a better way to describe it. I feel like it is because I am carrying her higher than with the boys, which is a shocker that I am even able to do considering my short stature and lack of torso.

We had a little shopping spree for baby this week also, JC Penney had a 50% off baby sale so we went and got her the first round of baby clothes. I’ll have to do a haul sometime in the near future of our little collection. I had so much fun being able to not only look at the pretty girl clothes, but to be able to toss them in my cart after only being able to pass them by for so long was really exciting. I’ve been sewing some projects for her also which is really helping pass some of the time. Like I said last week, I really just can’t wait for her to get here.



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