Bump day week 19

I’m 19 weeks guys!! Nearly half way there! Yesterday morning we had our ultrasound at the hospital, and we were very surprised to find that we are having a baby girl! She is perfectly healthy and everything was normal. She weighed in at an estimated 263 grams, about half a pound. Javier was so happy, and I loved seeing the huge grin on his face as he told his friends and family. My co-workers were all very excited for us. I called my mom at work to tell her the news, after telling her that it was a boy last week. All of her co-workers were huddled around her desk in anticipation and when she said “Its a girl!” all I could hear in the background was a chorus of gushing women.

This week has been a pretty good week. My headaches are not too bad, though I have been trying to remedy them ahead of time. Still craving random things, mostly ice cold things like popsicles and sonic slushes, haha. Still kind of averting away from eating leftover dinner more than once but it depends on what the food is, sometimes I can eat the same thing for days. Heartburn has been a thing this week. I get it mostly right before bed time. Insomnia is still here, but some nights are better than others. I usually wake around 12-1 and again about half an hour before my alarm. The 1am waking is tough because Javier is usually snoring and it makes it hard to go back to sleep. Baby Girl has been moving a lot, still very low but has started to flip over and kick up higher also. The sonogram technician told me that she was breech that day which would explain all the leg movement so deep. Javier has been able to feel her now which is so fun. She still gets stage fright and will suddenly stop moving if you place your hand over her, even if you do it so gently. Sylas is understanding now that we will be bringing home a baby sister soon and I think he is very excited. He dug out my old baby doll that I let him play with when we were expecting Ivan. He was so good with it too. Ivan just wanted to pack the doll around and poke at its eyes, which is typical for his age, but he did know that it was a baby. Sylas tried to show Ivan how to be soft, but Ivan thought that he was just trying to take the doll away. Its so sweet watching them in this stage of our life and I can’t wait to see what they think of her.

I’ll end this bumpdate with a couple of photos!


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