Hips, Butt and Thighs

This pregnancy is different in so many ways, yet all the same too. But my biggest complaint thus far is weight gain. Well, maybe not weight gain per se. But more where I’m carrying at. I haven’t gained more than 5 pounds to this point but I’m coming to the saddening realization that my pants don’t fit (insert ten cry-face emojis here). I slacked on my laundry this week and am running low on scrubs for work. So this morning as I was in the closet getting ready, I grabbed an older pair that I haven’t worn in a while. You guys. They are so tight on my thighs and I have underwear lines! D: I mean, I expect the waist to be tighter for obvious reasons, but seriously, since when did my legs quadruple in size?! Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they are definitely bigger. And my butt too!! I was able to go without buying an all new wardrobe with both of the boys pregnancies. I bought a couple pair of maternity pants for each and a few nice tops to wear – I just wore big t shirts at home. I mean, I’ve been wearing my maternity jeans and leggings lately but the rest of my scrubs I’ve been wearing for a while. I did have to stop wearing my xs scubs and only use my small ones since my pelvis had started to get full but this pair that I put on this morning were some that I bought when I was pregnant with Ivan because the waist band was thicker and I went through a phase where I didn’t like the draw strings. Guys, these were pregnancy scrubs last time!! (More sad face emojis) Ill get over it, but it really hit me today because of those darn pants. 

Another complaint that I have, that doesn’t bother me near as much is my absent pregnancy glow. I just don’t feel pretty or confident in my skin this time around. I felt so good when I was pregnant with the boys and I definitely don’t have that this time. I have acne and redness, eczema and not to mention my hair is awful. It’s not soft at all. It feels like a bale of hay. Probably looks like it too. 

Sigh, I just needed to pout a little bit this morning. #hormones On the brighter side though, I felt baby move from the outside last night! It was very low in my pelvis where I usually feel most of the movement. So exciting! I can’t wait until that becomes a regular happenstance! 

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