Bump day week 15

Today marks the start of week fifteen! This past week has been a little bit rougher on me, unfortunately. Everything is fine, but I’ve been experiencing a lot of hormonal related changes that have caused some not-so-fun side effects. For starters, I have had daily headaches this whole week. They are still pretty mild, but I have had one every single day. They usually start in the early afternoon, around 2, and if I don’t take something when I first feel it coming on, they can make me pretty miserable. Like I said though, they are very mild, I’m just not used to having them and adding noisy boys on top of it, and I am not a happy camper. Which brings me to my next subject. I have been really grouchy this week. I get mad over little things it seems. I think part of it is pain related, but its also hormonal. I’ve also had a lot of sciatica, which I have in all of my pregnancies. It is almost debilitating sometimes and very painful. The past two days, I have had some muscle and joint pain as well in my right leg. It isn’t really any one place in particular, but my whole leg; hip joint, thigh muscles, knee, calf muscles and my ankle. I am thinking that it is also related to sciatica, because I usually experience that on the right side also. Tylenol is about all I can take for pain being pregnant and it has never really helped me with muscle related pain. So I am stuck here suffering through it. Taking something every day this week has me feeling uneasy, I don’t really want to take any sort of medication while I’m pregnant if I can help it. I brought it up at my doctors appointment last week and they sort of brushed it off as hormonal, which I’m sure it is, but I still don’t like it. I feel like there should be something that they could suggest. Everything else has been the same though. Diet wise, I’m still not into leftovers. Pizza was my craving this week. The bump is definitely protruding and I feel flutters, especially when I start to get hungry. I think its someone telling me they’re hungry too.

Hopefully this coming week will find some relief and I can start to feel myself.

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