Bump day week 14

Yesterday was day one of week 14, but I postponed the blog because I had an appointment today. Baby’s heartbeat was in the upper 150s and they said that everything looked good. It was a pretty uneventful appointment. I go back in four weeks and they will schedule our anatomy ultrasound! Just over a month to go before we find out! This week has been pretty well the same. Baby has been lower this week and I haven’t felt as many movements. Even finding the heartbeat this morning at the Dr’s was way lower in my pelvis than it usually is. I have been having semi-frequent headaches the past couple of weeks but hadn’t really chalked it up to pregnancy until this week when I had a headache for three days. They are very mild and usually one Tylenol will take care of it, but its so annoying. My doctor said that it was all normal. I have had a couple of nausea/fatigue days this week as well which I haven’t had in a while. Maybe its the stress of the holidays and it will clear up soon (I hope). Insomnia is still awful and food aversions as well. If I eat something, I usually can’t eat it again that same day which is bad for our leftovers. Except Subway; I don’t know what it is about it that I’m craving but I could eat it for days. I know, the deli meat is sort of a no-no, but I feel comfortable with it. Sweets can still upset my stomach too which is a bummer given the holiday season and all. Oh well, I guess that’s one way to diet, right? haha

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