Bump day week 13

Its week 13 everybody! That means no more progesterone!! I’m a little nervous about stopping it but I am so ready at the same time. This week has been pretty good to me. Not really sick anymore, good appetite though sometimes its still hard to choose what sounds good. My bump is pretty round, though not really big yet. Baby is moving more often. I feel flutters at least once a day. Heartbeat is still nice and strong with my doppler and that is always reassuring. This past Saturday I had a small scare. I had to work this weekend and it just so happened to be an ice storm Friday night and snow Saturday night. When I was at work Saturday, I went to the bathroom to find some brown tinged CM. So I put a liner on and went about my day to hopefully monitor what happened. I returned to the bathroom to find some brown discharge. I have to admit that I was worried, but I also know that brown is normal and good. So when I got home, I checked again and there was a pretty substantial amount. Enough to call it spotting rather than discharge. So I decided to take it easy and put my feet up and chug some water that evening. I had the house to myself; because of the storm, we decided that it was safer for the boys to have a sleepover at grandma and papa’s rather than me trying to venture out in the snow. So that definitely gave me a good chance to relax, though I had made plans to tidy the toy room and the bedrooms, oh well. The spotting stopped completely and all day Sunday I had none. I will have to watch it and see how it goes but I am going to keep myself on a low activity “diet” for a few days to be sure. I plan on mentioning it to my doctor at my appointment next week. I had the same sort of thing happen when I was pregnant with Sylas at about the same time during the pregnancy so that is also somewhat reassuring. Other than that, this week has been just fine.

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