Sylas’ 4 Year Update

Sylas turned FOUR YEARS OLD this month! This post, and other posts like it, are mostly for my own benefit, so that I can look back on them and read about what Sylas was like when he was little.

Sylas still enjoys his toys with wheels. Anything mechanical is his forte. His favorite TV show is Octonauts on Netflix. That was his birthday party theme this year. He is collecting all of the Octonaut toys that Toys R Us can supply, haha. He loves movies like Angry Birds, The Secret Life of Pets, The Lorax, Horton Hears A Who and Rio. He loves to play outside and help papa feed the chickens. Riding the mower, four wheeler and motorcycle is usually what he wants to do outside.

Sylas’ eating habits have not gotten any better since last years post. He won’t even touch a hamburger anymore. Grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, cereal, fruits, smoothies, yogurt, spaghetti-O’s, ham sandwiches, pancakes/waffles and Subway is about all I can get him to eat. Literally. Not even chicken nuggets. He turns his nose up at just about everything else. He doesn’t like meat at all. I think the only reason he eats deli meat is that it has a smoother texture. That and he found out that meats come from animals, and I refuse to tell him where ham and turkey come from; actually I don’t even call it turkey, I call it subway because he knows turkey is turkey.

As far as development goes, Sylas is very into imaginative play. He loves to pretend with his toys and stuffed animals. He still likes me to play with him and he always gets to be the bad guy when we play with his people. But if we do role playing, he gets to be the person in distress and I have to save him. He does, however refer to himself as Super Sylas and he and Ivan as Super Boys. Sharing is so hard for him. It is probably my biggest challenge with him. He goes in time out at least once a day because he can’t share. He just snatches things away from his brother and gets mad at him, even if he wasn’t interested in that toy at the moment. Its his and that is all that matters to him. I am trying so hard to teach him sharing, but he is stubborn about it. I tell him that preschool teachers won’t like that and won’t let him come to school if he can’t share. I hope that it gets better with some more work. His speech is great and he is communicating very well. He still has an S lisp and doesn’t have the R and L sounds but I think that those are yet to come. His sentence structure is pretty good with occasional pronoun mix-ups. He has also started to call me mom instead of mommy more and more often. It kind of breaks my heart, especially when Ivan still calls me dada (only recently has it become nana instead).

His sweet disposition is as evident as ever. He is so loving and caring. He tells me “I love you mom,” several times a day, out of the blue, and asks for hugs and kisses. I will miss that someday to be sure. He is also very sympathetic, and he doesn’t like to see people upset. He usually starts to become emotional if I am crying which is so sweet. He loves to help with any task that he can handle, and some that he can’t quite yet. Laundry is his favorite chore, though he has recently started asking to use the “big vacuum” instead of pushing the toy one while I am cleaning. He is really grasping Santa this year which is so fun. His eyes sparkle at the thought of Christmas being only days away.

This little boy is so dear to me. I can’t wait what the years to come have in store.

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