Bump day week 12

This is it guys! Second trimester here we come! This week baby is the size of a plum (or a lime depending on where you read). I am officially tapering off of the progesterone today. One dose at night time this week and then I’ll be done! I’m nervous but really excited to not be taking it anymore. This week my appetite has gotten much better, but its still somewhat hard to pinpoint what exactly I want to eat. Sweets always sound good but they rarely settle well (something different from the boys pregnancies). Heartburn at bedtime is still going on. I’ve also been able to stay up a little later than I have been these past few weeks. I am positive I have been feeling occasional flutters, though some days I don’t feel any. Pants are tight and some are uncomfortable to wear anymore. I don’t have much of a bump, but when I wear blue jeans, I have started to wear my maternity ones. I bought some new scrub pants the other day also, elastic waist bands are oddly not my friend, I prefer draw string this time around. Insomnia is still a thing, ugh. I just wish I could stay asleep all night. Waking up before my alarm is getting so old. I think things have been pretty good. I am excited to see what is in store these next weeks. And its officially the trimester where we find out the gender!!!

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