Ten week check-up

I had my appointment earlier this week. I saw my doctor’s nurse practitioner this time. It was basically an ultrasound appointment. It was a really quick, in-and-out sort of deal. The baby is growing so much. Literally every body part, now present, perfectly formed in every way. How magical that I was able to see the tiny fingers and toes, individually. Baby was moving a lot too. Covering the face with its tiny hands and swinging its legs the whole time was so fun to watch. She let me just sit there and watch for a minute as we both crooned over the cuteness. The heart beat was well into the 160s which is fantastic.

I have been having a hard time letting this pregnancy sink in. It still doesn’t feel totally real. I am beyond excited though, which makes for a complicated pair of emotions to experience at the same time. I know that its real, but I often forget that it is. Like it can’t possibly be me. I am hoping that maybe once we let our extended family and friends know, it will finally hit me. Or maybe when flutters turn into full out movements. Either way, we are so excited to be here and experience this time in our lives.

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