Bump day week 9

Today marks pregnancy week 9! Baby is the size of a grape, almost an inch long. I finally found the heartbeat with my doppler yesterday. I was so excited to hear that sound! It is the only thing to give me peace of mind between appointments. I’ve been feeling growing this week a bit more. I have been feeling a little better in the sickness department though not eating makes my stomach upset. I haven’t taken my B6 in a while. I’m still pretty tired and excited to go to bed at night even though I never sleep well. No real cravings yet, mostly just aversions still. I’m still not going too often if you catch my drift. So frustrating. I am waking up every morning in a fit of sneezes still. That’s getting old too, but I’ll take it over sickness any day. I feel like I am protruding a lot. I know most of it is bloating but I am definitely growing too. This week has been pretty uneventful save finding the heartbeat. I was so happy to hear that. It registered in the 120s which is low, but I think that the doppler isn’t really reliable with counting. That and my battery is probably almost dead. I’ve never changed them since I bought it during my pregnancy with Sylas. Four years ago haha. The cable between the wand and the speaker part is shorting out also, so today when I get home, I’m going to attempt to find the heartbeat again and do a manual count. So excited for the weeks to come!

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