Bump day week 8

Sorry this post is a day late, I just wanted to get my doctor’s appointment in here too!

Yesterday marked the beginning of week 8. Baby is the size of a kidney bean. This week I’ve been feeling a little less nauseous, and when I do, its usually in the evening. Sweets are still not setting well with me, and apparently meatballs don’t either. Sleep evades me often and I would love to nap all afternoon. I have noticed a lot of mucus in my nose this week. I’m not sick, but my nose is always needing blown. I get stuffy at night and the first thing that I do when I wake up is sneeze. I literally sit up in bed and sneeze several times. Then its like Niagara falls cuts loose and my nose is runny. Gross. I sneeze all morning at work too. Kind of an odd symptom. I am thirsty all the time and that in turn makes me pee a lot. I still haven’t been able to find the heartbeat with my doppler but I’m hoping this week sometime. My first OB appointment went well. Baby must’ve been sleeping because it didn’t move but the heartbeat was visible and a steady 145. I had my first lab work done and everything looks good. My doctor told me to come back on the 29th for another ultrasound appointment. I’m hoping for nothing but good news. I will admit that I was a ball of nerves before the appointment. I was so scared of getting bad news. I saw one of those quotes on Facebook; you know, the inspirational ones on a sunset background? It said something like being worried is like believing that God won’t get it right. I really needed that because I was anything but excited for my appointment. I think that everyone knows now inside our immediate family and work. I am thinking a Christmas debut for social media will be appropriate, having the boys open a “gift” as the announcement. I am really excited for all that is to come and I can hardly wait two weeks for the next time I’ll get to see baby.

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