Bump day week 7

Today marks week seven of pregnancy! Baby is now the size of a blueberry; quite the growth spurt from last week! This week has been an eventful week of sorts. It started when I ran out of my B6. So when I went grocery shopping, I needed to pick some up. The didn’t have any B6. It was all B complex pills, so I decided that would have to do. I mean, there’s B6 in it. So I took it all through the week until Saturday when I noticed that I wasn’t producing any #2’s. Great. The whole point of me taking B6 instead of zofran was to not be constipated. So after some googling, I discovered that a major side effect of B complex vitamins is constipation. So I immediately quit taking them, which made me feel sick. I still hadn’t gone Sunday so I took some miralax. I ran to Walgreens after work yesterday and found some plain old B6 there. Thank goodness, because I was feeling awful. I took a two hour nap on Saturday from feeling sick. I don’t feel so hot this morning either, but I haven’t taken my vitamin yet. I need to eat with it or I’ll surely be sick. Other than that, though, it really hasn’t been a bad week. I’m having growing pains still. I am having bad food aversions to food in general. I really don’t know what to eat, but I’m hungry. Nothing sounds good. My doctor appointment is in a week so I’m anxious for that. I am hoping that everything looks ok. My nerves are still haywire and I can’t seem to find peace in this waiting. Another week down and I can’t wait for next week.

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