Bump day week 6

Today marks pregnancy week six! This week I have had some more morning sickness than before. I’m also having some food aversions. I guess its mostly to food in general, sometimes the thought of eating makes me feel sick. I’ve noticed that if I forget to take my vitamins the night before, I have worse morning sickness. I am attributing that to not taking my vitamin B6. I truly feel like that is helping tremendously. I can take it in the morning after not taking it at night and my nausea goes away in about an hours time. No real cravings, just trying to eat things that don’t gag me on the way down. Fruits are best. Sausage is definitely not easy to swallow, but it sets well once I’ve got it down. Heartburn is new. I feel burpy and every time I do, I get heartburn. I am really tired most of the time and I just want to take a long nap. I try and lay down with Ivan when he naps and put on a movie for big brother, but Sylas doesn’t want me to sleep. So he ends up wallering me to death until I just get up for fear that Ivan will wake up too. I’m still having the occasional growing pains. Tomorrow is ultrasound day, I’m so excited for that. I haven’t told anyone yet because I wanted to get that done first. So probably by the end of this week I will break the news to our immediate family and the girls at work. I am afraid that there won’t be any use hiding it much longer because I may be getting sicker as time goes on. I will do a separate post on how the ultrasound goes tomorrow. Other than that, there’s nothing new to report.

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