Pom Pom Pumpkins

Fall is here and today I wanted to share with you all a cute little craft that you can do at home with your kiddos that doesn’t require a lot of time and supplies to get started. These cute little yarn pom pom pumpkins are very easy to make and are a wonderful family craft.

What you’ll need:

  • Orange yarn
  • brown yarn (optional)
  • felt in green (black is optional if you want a jack-o-lantern)
  • Scissors
  • hot glue and glue gun

For starters, if you don’t know how to make a yarn pom pom, its pretty simple. I found this YouTube tutorial if you want to know more than the basic instructions that I’m going to give.

To make the pom pom, start by wrapping the yarn around your four fingers, holding the “tail” in place with your thumb until you get enough that it will stay in place. Your kids can make their own pumpkins on their hands or help you wrap yours. Keep in mind that the smaller the hand, the smaller the pumpkin. You will want to wrap the yarn several times around your hand until you get a nice full bunch. The more you wrap the yarn, the fuller the pom pom will be. Once you’ve done that, cut the end of the yarn. Cut another strip of yarn about 10 inches long. This yarn can be orange or brown (brown to make a stem, or you can use little sticks like in the photo above). Now gently slide the yarn off of your hand and line up your 10 inch string in the center, running perpendicular to your bunch of yarn. Tie it tightly with a double knot. Next, start cutting the “loops” that are on either side. Now you’ll need to fluff the pom pom and trim any excess yarn so that it makes a sphere.

Next up, decorating! Help your child cut out little leaves and shapes to make jack-o-lanterns. Use your hot glue to place them on the pumpkins.

Alternatively, you can use black yarn and black felt to make little bats. You can attach little googly eyes to them too!


Disclaimer: the photo used above is not my own and originally appeared on crafthubs.com

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