Little Friend

As beautiful a day as Sunday was, it called for some outdoor playtime. The cool fall breeze and the slight overcast made for some perfect weather, in my opinion. The boys thoroughly enjoyed playing in the front yard. I myself delighted in watching them play while listening to the peaceful ring of the neighbor’s wind chimes. 

When we went inside for the evening, I put on a movie and started making dinner. I looked out the front windows and spied a little brown squirrel in the yard. I quietly called the boys over to the window to look at him while he darted back and forth. After a while, we noticed a pattern. He would run across the street, two houses down, and go up into the oak tree, returning with an acorn in his mouth. He then made his way back to our yard where he would hide his treasures under the bush that sits right under the window. The bush would rustle and sway as he dug his hole. Since then, this has been a daily occurrence. Yesterday, I sat on the front stoop enjoying the weather and saw our little friend hiding behind the light pole at the corner of the yard, waiting for me to leave. So I went inside and watched him do his little routine again. 

We don’t normally have squirrels in our neighborhood – mostly just rabbits – so it’s refreshing and fun to watch this little creature prepare for the impending  winter season. Maybe next year he will bring some friends over too. 

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