Hello Fall

Lets just take note for a second that today is the first day of fall and this year is flying by. Sylas is already talking about Christmas and he knows what he wants from Santa. Tonight when I get home from work, I have to pack up the car for an in-home LuLaRoe pop up tomorrow afternoon. Saturday my family is going to come over for dinner and get our photos taken at the lake. I am also wanting to make a new wreath for the door – if all goes well I’ll post a tutorial. Ivan is starting to talk now. He only has a couple words like hot and down, but he expresses himself a lot with his hands, too – pointing is his thing. We ordered a new couch with a chaise that will be coming in six to eight weeks so I’m definitely excited for that. Sylas was shocked when I told him that we bought a new couch and he informs everyone that our couch is broken! Life is in a busy spot right now and sometimes I think its a good thing, keeping me occupied, and other days I just want to be a hermit and stay home. I am really excited for the things to come anyway.

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