DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

I have been wanting a coffee table for our living room. I wanted something sturdy that the boys could play on because #boys. So I browsed around online and I just didn’t have any luck. I found this Ikea hack on Pinterest and I thought it was really pretty, and I love Ikea, – who doesn’t – so I decided that I would alter this Ikea coffee table. I mean, the pinned photo says that you could do it for ten dollars, so I thought that was a pretty good deal. WRONG. Haha. It cost me $42 and change to make the table, and that’s not even counting the actual table and tools that some people just don’t have lying around. In the original post, they bought 99 cent boards that were pre-cut at home depot. Our local home depot doesn’t have those. Instead, I had to buy 5 8 foot boards at $2.48ea which I then had cut in half at the Depot. Total $12.40. Then I had to buy some stain for $4.38. The project also calls for screws ($6.47), liquid nails ($1.77) and a wipe-on Poly which was almost as much as the wood and rang up at $11.97 for the smaller container. I also bought a caulking gun for $2.77 because I don’t have one of those either. Thank goodness I have a handy-man for a father and he let me borrow his wood clamps and power drill or I would’ve had to call the whole thing off and live with this plain white table in the center of our living room that would be kool-aid stained by the days end. See what kind of mess I got myself into? The OP wasn’t exactly dummy-fied either. If you’ve never worked with wood before, it would be a whole new ball game.

Even after all that mess, the table turned out amazing. It is a beautiful centerpiece to our living space and I love it. It is quite large, but we are planning on getting a sectional to have some more seating in our home. I think that a larger sofa will help make the table appear smaller than it is. The boys already love it. They christened it with their shrew of toys and have played on it since the last coat of polyurethane dried. Even though I didn’t spend under ten dollars for the reno, it was worth every penny.

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