Count Me Out

Guys, I’m pretty sure I’m out this cycle. I was kinda bummed over the weekend but I’m better today and hopeful for the future. Good news is that I was never pregnant at all, which means that my medication could still work next time and we don’t have to mess with that yet. I tested at 10DPO like I thought I might knew I would. Three letters: BFN. I decided to wait until 12DPO to test again and it was another BFN. So I stopped my progesterone and am now waiting for AF. I hope she comes on time this time instead of waiting an extra week or more. I wonder if taking the progesterone will help with that. I really wasn’t too optimistic until the TWW got to me (you know how hard it is not to get your hopes up). Our BD routine wasn’t as good as it usually is; things just came up right in the middle of it and it was hard to find time. Although we did hit the “window” I think we just needed another day or two in there. We wound up being kind of far out from O day. So I’m just waiting. More waiting. Ugh. I am so impatient I can’t stand it, but I am trying to be.

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