Cycle 1 TTC3 6DPO

I am officially in the TWW. Gosh I sure do hate this part. I started my progesterone suppository last night so I’m on dose 2 now. I had some mild twingy pain yesterday so I decided that I would start the prometrium a day early. So far so good. I don’t feel any symptoms yet but its really early. I went out and bought a bunch of tests yesterday so that I have them on hand. It was kind of surreal. I had Ivan with me so I did the speedy self checkout. I wanted to avoid judgement (I know you all have done it too!). I’m hopeful and excited but I think I need to back off on that. I just don’t want to be hurt so I’m trying to be cautious. Its hard though. I keep telling myself that it will happen in God’s good timing.

Sorry this is such a boring post. Nothing really to report other than that. I’m not sure if I will test Friday at 10DPO like I used to or if I’ll wait. I guess it depends on if I have any more cramping later this week. I will keep you updated though, as always.

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