Adventures in Toddlerhood

This week since Ivan has turned one, he has started to change so much! His sleep schedule has never been good. Ever. But recently, he has started taking a late morning/noontime nap and going to bed between 8-8:30pm every day. Guys, he has a bed time. I am getting teary just thinking that I may finally be able to have a routine with this boy! He still wakes at night and has to nurse to sleep. I think he just startles awake and can’t fall asleep without me. So I’m going to start working on that soon. He just doesn’t sleep hard enough to sleep through the night. We are fully daytime weaned though!! Wahoo! He still takes a bottle for nap time and a sippy of my milk when he eats and snacks. I am finally able to go without pumping most days and just nurse him at bed time and in the night. I am so excited about that. He has also started to play ‘games’ with us this week. He likes it when I get on my hands and knees and pat the floor and tickle him while he is standing in front of me. Then I have to sit and he runs into my arms giggling, then walks back to his standing spot to do it again. Its very repetitive but he loves it. He also has a chasing game that he likes to play. Its so funny. I just did it the one time and he kept giggling and jabbering at me to do it again. All these new things are so amazing, watching him grow gives me such joy.

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