Happy Birthday Ivan!

My baby is one!! We haven’t had his check up yet so I’ll insert his weight and height (here). He has changed so much these past few weeks. He has been “talking” more and making different sounds other than dadada. He actually calls me mama now, and he does this cute thing where he answers you when you talk to him: “Hey what are you doing?”  and he replies with a “ahh” or “uuhh.” He has also started saying what sounds like “this.” He will hold something up like he is showing it to you and say “dis” so I’ve been really trying to encourage that conversation. He is still a momma’s boy and pretty clingy. All he wants is me when I get home. He is a hungry little squirt too! He will eat just about anything and even after he has finished his meal, he will mooch for some of yours. He is walking and running and keeping me busy. He is always into something he shouldn’t be and everything goes in his mouth (when will it end?!?). He likes to watch tv now and loves music. Ivan will boogie as soon as he hears a song come on.

We had his birthday party last weekend and he had lots of fun. I’m pretty sure the cake was his favorite part, he ate almost the entire 5 inch smash cake. We are even the proud new owners of a bouncy castle that takes up half of the living room! Thanks to the grandparents for that one. I am still in awe that his first year is done! Its true what they say; the days are long but the years are short.

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