Photo Shoot

I took the boys to the lake last week to take some pictures for Ivan’s birthday. Of course, I had to take some of Sylas too. It was a beautiful day outside and the boys love going to the lake. They were both super excited that we got some balloons too. Just a couple minutes into Ivan’s pictures, he wound up popping two of the balloons. Then, when Sylas had had his turn, he accidentally let go of his string and the balloon went flying away. He was pretty upset as it was his “favorite balloon” (also the only red one left since Ivan had popped the other) and none of the other colors would do. Poor guy.

Last night was a miserable night. The heat index was 108F yesterday. The minute I walked in the door after work I knew that the air wasn’t cooling properly. The thermostat said 77F. What better time than this for the air conditioner to poop out on us, right? So I fiddled around with it, flipped the breaker, changed the thermostat batteries and nothing worked. The repair man can’t come until today so we had to sleep in the heat. It got up to 85F in the house last night. I couldn’t open any windows until it started to cool down outside. It didn’t get cooler outside than it was inside until around midnight. The poor kiddos were so hot. they were in their undies and diaper and slept downstairs. I’m sure it was pushing 90F upstairs where their bedrooms are. I didn’t sleep well between the heat and two little boys who couldn’t sleep either. So thank goodness its Friday because I am so ready to be done with this work day. I’m dog-tired and my eyes feel so heavy.

Tomorrow there is a carnival at a local festival and I haven’t decided if we should go or not. If its going to be another scorcher outside I don’t think we will. Its raining today though so it may cool off just in time.

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