Back in the Saddle

Its officially cycle 1 TTC #3. I’m only CD5 (its amazing how easy those mnemonics come back to you) and I already feel those uneasy, queasy, stomach-flip-flopping, anxious feelings again. I really believe that there is a form of PTSD for infertility. Because I surely have it. I feel like I did in the thick of it all. And I don’t like it one bit.

I have been taking my meds since yesterday save the progesterone which will start during the 2WW. Here’s a short list of the stuff I’ll be taking for those of you who haven’t been here long.

Thorne prenatals: these are bio available and have a form of folate (methylfolate) that I need to be able to process it properly due to my MTHFR gene mutation.

B6: This has been shown to help with morning sickness. I took it with my last pregnancy and I had no morning sickness at all. I don’t really know if it works or if I just got lucky and didn’t get sick. But it can’t hurt.

D3: I am very deficient in vitamin D so I take a heavy dose of this to help.

Baby Aspirin: 81 mg daily, also due to MTHFR. Its mostly precautionary but better safe than sorry, right?

I decided against taking the metformin this time simply because it isn’t good for you long term. I don’t mind taking it and it doesn’t give me any of those nasty side effects that some have. I just don’t think that I need it right now. If we go a few rounds with no success, I would consider trying it again just to rule things out, but for now, its not on my list.

Right now, that’s all I’ve got but as always, I’ll keep you posted.

7 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Good luck! It looks like we take about the same stuff 🙂 I usually alternate between Thorne, Seeking Health and Honest Co. Prenatals. They all have the bioavailabile B’s. I have the MtHfR too 🙂


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