Ivan’s 11 Month Update

Ivan is one month away from celebrating his big birthday! He weighed 21 pounds at the doctor the other day, rapidly catching up to his big brother! He walks everywhere and loves his freedom when we are outside. He is still clingy to mommy but we are working on it. He eats me out of house and home most days and isn’t picky at all. He is always mooching for food haha. He is playing more with Sylas, even if they aren’t on the same page sometimes, and they enjoy that until Sylas gets a little selfish. He still pretty much only says dada. I’ve heard him say mama and he even tried to say hot (aaat) the other day. He knows what ‘No’ means and he can shake his head when we tell him no (listening to no is another story, strong willed child of mine). He loves the toilet still and my kitchen drawers. Dragging things out is his specialty. He loves to tear down Lego towers and push over block pyramids. He is getting his next round of teeth in and he has one on top and one on bottom beside his front ‘bunny’ teeth. The other side teeth are almost out too. He loves music and dancing, but specific songs and commercials take is attention and make him boogie right away. He is still nursing (we will go into that in its own post). He has started taking cows milk in a sippy during the day. He is switched over to a convertible car seat and he likes it better most of the time.

He is ever-changing and I can’t believe that his first year is almost gone! D’:

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