Ivan’s 10 month update!

Double digits! Big guy is weighing in at around 18 pounds and is growing and changing every day! He learned to walk last month and is all over the place now. He does really well and will only crawl to get close to something to pull up to stand. That’s not to say he hasn’t had a few bonks on the head now and then. One day he fell and got bumps and bruises four different times. He’s into everything and the walking has made it worse. The toilet, for instance, is a huge problem. The bathroom door stays closed because he can’t keep his hands out of it. He uses Sylas’ little step stool to stand on and get a better vantage point for playing in the water. Gross. He has four teeth and is working on two more top ones. For a while I thought all four top teeth were going to come in at the same time. Nap time is still not getting any better. He just will not give up the sleepy fight. He hasn’t been sleeping well at night lately. I don’t know if its his teeth or what but he stirs a lot. Nursing is another story that will have to have a post of its own.

As far as play and interests go, He loves to play with Sylas. Sylas doesn’t like to share so much but we are getting better with that. Ivan makes motor noises now too. I am sure he has learned that from his big brother. When he holds toy cars or sees papa on the mower, he starts making raspberry noises. He likes to touch the cat, and he puts up with it well but sometimes Ivan can be a little rough. Ivan also likes to take apart things. Building legos? He will demolish the tower before you’ve go the first four bricks together. Wooden stacking rings? He loves to pull those off of the peg and toss them everywhere. He’s persistent, too. He will keep coming back to knock things down again and again, which makes his brother mad at him sometimes.

My crazy little babe is growing into a toddler before my eyes! I can’t believe how much he has changed this month; he looks so different to me! Before I know it, his first year will be up!

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